Saturday, March 13, 2010

7 hours to go...or not

When I embarked on my sweets fast, I struggled with being ravenous all the time. It wasn't as much hunger as an endless stream of wants. Now, 6 days into it, my cravings have diminished in a weird and wonderful way. I mean, for the past two mornings I forgot to eat breakfast. Typically, I wake up thinking about breakfast. Now I think about breakfast about the time I used to start thinking about lunch. I think I've just revealed my life revolves around my next meal. Or at least it used to.

What's up with that? Could my daily sugarfest have been making me eat more? I know the answer is probably out there in Googleland, but instead of looking it up I'm considering extending my fast -- or at least scaling back the sugar -- for a bit longer and see what happens.

BUT -- and these are two big buts that could have detrimental effects on my ... ability to fit in my jeans --I'm having a dinner party tonight and two of my guests' daughter is sending some scrumptious desserts. I have no idea what, but she's an amazing cook so I know they'll be to die for. My plan was to hide back a portion for my Sunday feast day. Also, I have a baby shower to attend next week. That means cake. Or better yet, petit fours. I live for cake. Or better yet, icing.

I think I'll strive for a happy medium -- planned sweets, yes. Sweets with reckless abandon, no.

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