Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday reflections

On the Friday before Christmas, the Inman kids and cousins gathered for an old-fashioned chili supper with all the fixins.
Norma's beautiful Christmas spread

Norma's lovely real tree. My cheap self has used a fake tree ever since Spence and I decided that cutting down a cedar tree on our land was a pain, painful to decorate and a fire hazard. Next year I'm going real, cut by someone else.

Dawit, Sarah, Caroline, Savannah and Susanna in eager anticipation of opening the presents behind them

Uncle Spence and an unsure Susannah

Vegetarian chili dinner (Connie's non-vegetarian variety was amazing too)

Eager to rip in


Sarah and Caroline couldn't contain their excitement
Wish I had pics of the chaos that subsequently ensued...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in full swing

Words are not necessary to describe the joy this toy of yore brought the kids. Their shrieks and giggles echoing through the valley said it all.

Skarloey wasn't as impressed.