Friday, March 5, 2010

No epiphanies

This week didn't bring any great insights other than the realization that I already don't indulge in a lot of luxury purchases. Hopefully, the fact that I didn't feel denied means I'm on the right track with everyday living. Even though not buying wasn't terribly hard, I was still careful to make sure every purchase fit the parameter of "necessity." I hope I can continue making only thoughtful purchases, and I hope I can instill that quality in my children.

Caroline has only an inkling of what money is for, and she watches so little commercial TV that she's not yet influenced by advertising. Santa brought Spence Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr. but we quickly realized Caroline's not ready for it. She has to understand money and want to buy things before we can start applying the principles of spending/saving/giving. Maybe in a few months.

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Evelyn said...

Buying only necessities ... we all need a week/month/year of that!