Saturday, March 6, 2010

Giving up Peeps

My niece Jordan did this one year. I'm not a fan of Peeps. I think they're a waste of good calories. But I have a feeling by this time next week, those sugary little chicks in my pantry (courtesy of Nana for her "grands") will be looking pretty good. Not to mention the strawberry sheet cake that Caroline won in the cake walk last night at the Dodson Branch Fish Fry. But I feel certain that it won't be around by the time I need it to be gone -- for two reasons:

1. Every time I walk past it, I cut a little bite -- in preparation for my sweets fast that begins tomorrow.

2. I leave tomorrow morning for Nashville and won't be home til Wednesday night. That's more than enough time for Spence to make history of it. He's also quick good at polishing off the ice cream while I'm gone.

As far as Wed-Sat next week, I've made sure there are no other confections lingering in our kitchen, and I'm stocking up on fruit and healthy sweets substitutes like yogurt.

I can't seem to finish this post for two interruptions, so I'll just leave it at that...

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HMK said...

I normally think Peeps are pretty disgusting, but if you crack open the package and let them sit for a couple weeks then they become pretty good. Nice and chewy. :)