Sunday, September 28, 2008

Prayin' with Patsy

Caroline has a thing for Patsy "Clime." We celebrated her second birthday at Mama Norma and Papa Connie's a few weeks ago, and she impressed everyone with her ability to sing "Walking After Midnight." She's since worn me out on it, so I've introduced some other Patsy songs, including Crazy, which she can identify within 2 seconds of hearing the intro.

Caroline also has a favorite book called Good Night Prayer. Most nights she chooses it along with a few of her other favorites. A couple weeks ago I realized she pretty much had the book/prayer memorized and could recite it with a little prompting. So tonight I asked her to help me read it. Here's how it went:

Mama: Now...
Caroline: ...I lay me down to sleep.

Mama: I...
Caroline: ...fall to pieces.

That's a far as we got. I mean, where do you go from there?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday in Nashville

I attended the Vanderbilt International Adoption Clinic's workshop today. It was very informative and I feel good about using their services in the future, especially for a post-adoption assessment. But the highlight was meeting and visiting with other future adoptive parents. I finally met Kim, one of my Bethany forum friends from Memphis, and Kimberly from right here in Nashville who is adopting through another agency. I also got to see referral pictures of a precious little girl who will soon be joining a Nashville family. This little girl was good friends at the orphanage with Rusie, who was adopted by the Mize's in Knoxville, so these little girls will soon be Tennessee neighbors. How cool is that!

Later, Spence and I met up with some friends at Climb Nashville. I think he enjoyed his inaugural climb up a fake wall with color-coded hand holds. One more trip and he'll be hooked like me.

We topped off the evening at Gojo. For you middle Tenneseeans, Gojo is the best Ethiopian food ever, well at least in Tennessee. I highly recommend a visit. My mom and Caroline joined us mid-way through our dinner and C insisted on dancing to the music before getting in her high chair. She ate a nickel's worth of injera, then proceeded to knock over a whole stool of spices.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Musings before debate

Oh boy, getting back in to blogging mode is hard. Having spent most of my waking hours these last few weeks working or chasing a two-year-old has left me editorially challenged. A lot has happened, though. Here are a few tidbits:

Spence had a good show at the Cookeville Fun Fest and is gearing up for the Nillie Bipper show in Cleveland, TN. He's building some beautiful new lamps out of walnut and exploring some new shade designs as well as night lights. This is my porch swing -- for sale, of course.

We took a crew of friends down Roaring River one Sunday and everyone emerged alive and well.

I made some new friends in Knoxville at an Ethiopian New Year party of families who have brought home children from Ethiopia and who are in the process of doing so. I didn't get many pictures; I was too busy gabbing with everyone and warming up the injera I brought from Nashville's Gojo. Everyone was super nice and it was so heartwarming to meet their children and hear their stories about Ethiopia. Caroline developed a crush on a young man who was there with his mother and siblings. She followed him everywhere and downright embarrassed me. See her google eyes below.

In a moment of impulse and bravery, I cut off my hair. Kim, this picture is for you. It's a horrible self-portrait in the bathroom of my office today. This is so you can find me at the workshop tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'm attending the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital International Adoption Clinic workshop. A number of clinicians and psychologists will speak on issues related to adopting internationally (medical, bonding, etc.). Afterward, I'm taking Spence climbing at the indoor climbing gym in Nashville (his maiden climb), then we're going to eat at Gojo. I'm seriously addicted to Ethiopian food and need it at least every other week. I can't wait!!

Now, it's 5 minutes 'til the Mississippi debate, so I gotta go.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy birthday, Little C

It's hard to believe you looked like this just one year ago.

No hair. Only four teeth.

But you still have a love for cake and icing.

My, how you've grown:

Friday, September 5, 2008

Four referrals! Not us, though!

Four Bethany families received referrals for infant boys today. There's some serious rejoicing going on tonight. Congrats Shadley, Shan and Susanne. We don't know who the fourth family is. A couple of interesting facts:

- It's been 3 months since our agency last got referrals.
- We're very close to the top of the list now (possibly second).
- We could travel this year. (I know this scares some people silly, me included.)
- Holly and Beth are home with their little ones and are settling in.
- Demarie is still in Ethiopia, but she and Josiah are doing well.

I'm going to Knoxville next weekend for an Ethiopian New Year party with fellow adoptive families. It would have been fun to take a referral to show, but maybe next time.

Oh yeah, I cut off my hair. Yeah, I really did.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spaghetti arms!

Okay, maybe I am old. My arms are like noodles and I can barely grip a pencil. But if my newfound sport puts even a little dent in my "granny bye-bye arms," I'll be happy.

Anyone care to guess the movie my post title quotes?

Here's another hint: "I carried a watermelon?"

I assure you I can't lift a watermelon much less carry one. But I love that movie!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Say what???

So I meet my brother Chris at the climbing gym this afternoon. We're all harnessed up, and I pick my first wall. There are two kids sitting at the edge of the belay area, watching. And the boy, about 6 or 7, says to me, "You gonna climb that?" And I say, "Yep." And he says, "You're kinda old, aren't ya?"

And I got nothing...NOTHING! No comeback, no witty quip, just a total dumbstruck look. My brother, not yet 30, was ready to pound the little twerp and replied, "You're kinda young, aren't ya? Where's your mommy?"

We agreed beating him up was probably not the way to go and decided just to heckle him on his next climb. (I'm not too old for a little childish retaliation.)

Now, I've been called a few things in my time, but not old. Not yet! Even worse was when he came looking for me later with his adult belayer (and apparent apology instigator) in tow to say, "I'm sorry I called you old."

So the kid obviously hasn't developed his social filter. That's cool. But something tells me I just crossed over to the other side.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My buddy Sarah

Playing in Roaring River with Sarah.

Big hug (or "before"):

Not so happy (or "after"):

Eating cookies on the messy mat:

The pink purse ladies: