Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bayou City

No offense to the rest of Texas, but I LIKE Houston. Granted I am here before the mosquitos, deer flies and stifling heat -- and it did pour rain on us for an hour of our 2-hour hike -- but it is like totally neat. See, less than 24 hours with my dear friend Cathy, whom I've known since the early 80s, and I'm already dropping 80s terms like "like totally!" So far, we've yet to see anything "grody."

Yesterday, we soaked up a beautiful afternoon in a park behind Cathy's house. You can see here that the lady we asked to take our picture did not take too kindly to having her workout interrupted.

Then we ate some great Mediterranean food for dinner. The busboy was most gracious -- Cathy's not shy about asking people to take our picture.

Then, in true Gen X (or is it Y or Z?) fashion, we curled up on her sofa with our tea and laptops and Mocha at our feet and surfed the 'net.

Today we did a two-hour hike in Hermann Park, got totally soaked, had take-out pasta for lunch, watched The Gods Must Be Crazy, and are now getting ready to head to Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant for dinner with some of Cathy's friends.

Oh my, I just got some very good news. In addition to the fact that my bro and Amy are having a BOY. Yay, boys. More on that and my Houston trip later. Doro wat calls.


HollyMarie said...

Sounds like you are having a fun time! I'm laughing at the picture that the lady took of you guys in the park. LOVE IT! What does your shirt say?

Spence and Lori said...

It says PLEASE, as in "would you please take our picture without making us feel as though we've ruined your whole day?