Sunday, March 28, 2010

Online again

Just completed (almost) a week without social media. I say almost because a couple of times I forgot and checked my blog list. This week was much harder than giving up sweets, but not as hard as giving up TV/radio/music, which I totally blew. I've enjoyed catching up on my friends' blogs and seeing how everyone is celebrating spring.

We're celebrating it with sinus infections -- Caroline and Dawit. They're both like dribbling hose pipes. Well, it's probably just allergies because the pollen is now in full force, but we decided to skip out on church so I didn't have to rely on other people to wipe my kids' noses.

I had a great time with my friend Cathy in Houston. Thanks Cathy! She just told me they're thinking about widening the interstate -- like 50 lanes, I think. What I didn't tell her is that, after my heroic drive to the airport with time to spare, my flight was canceled! I stood there at the electronic check-in station, my chest all puffed with pride that I still had time to get a Starbucks and a gift for my kiddies, and the machine said, "Would you like to leave Tuesday, the 23rd, or Wednesday, the 24th?" I was all, "What a minute, what day is it? I think I want to leave on a Monday! Isn't it Monday? Where's the option for that?" There was no option for that. I think I kicked the machine. Then I noticed some other Nashvillians wigging out at their machine, and decided to be adult about it. They offered me a choice: wait a few hours, go to Dallas, wait a few more hours, get home at midnight, drag my mom out of bed to pick me up. Or get a hotel and fly out at 7:30 the next morning. I opted for the latter. I was irritated that I had to wait another day to see Caroline, but it didn't affect much else. So I ate and slept on Continental Airlines' dollar.

Anyway, made it home. Got to see C and D and S on Tuesday.

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Eastiopians said...

Welcome back m'lady. :) Hope everyone gets well soon.