Friday, February 1, 2008

A full weekend

Our social worker is a total go-getter. She's been emailing me questions left and right so our homestudy paperwork will be all ready go once she visits our house on Tuesday. For those of you who know where we live, she's in for an adventure.

We've got a full weekend planned. Caroline is sleeping over at Mama Norma (M-na) and Papa Connie's tonight so I can get to Goodwill when the doors open. I perused the racks last week and found her a great winter coat for $2. It has a faux fur collar, and whenever she wears it she strokes the fur and says, "Ooooooohhh!" Tomorrow, everything is half price. After that, M-na and Papa and I are taking Little C to a Tennessee Tech basketball game, her first (and maybe her last til she grows up...we'll see). Then we're heading to Sarah's birthday party (she's turning 2), then the Dodson Branch Fish Fry, where I will undo all my good exercise for the week.

If you're wondering where Spence is in all this, he's tearing down the Johnson's barn next door. It's a piece of Roaring River history, so it's going to be sad when it's gone.

Roaring River and Spring Creek are both up, so we may skip out on church and paddle...if we can find someone who would like to watch Little C on Super Bowl Sunday. If Spence weren't our trusty trip leader, he would be the perfect babysitter as he's still not sure which teams are playing. Bless his heart. My hubby is a talented, happening guy, but football is not his forte. And I'm thankful for that!


aunt al said...

1. Give Sarah a birthday hug for me. She is a day brightener.

2. Yay, Little C, on choosing faux fur.

3. Your weekend sounds amazing, from the thrifting to the Dodson Branch fun to the paddling.

4. I am mourning the barn in advance. At least we know its soul will be restored in Spence's handiwork and last many more lifetimes.

5. I also don't know who is in the Superbowl. (In Tennessee, I loved Superbowl Sunday because TBS always aired an Andy Griffith marathon.)

6. I recommend the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss album.

aunt al said...

P.S. I meant to add basketball to the things that sounded incredible about your weekend.

Holly said...

I hear ya! My husband and I are also people who pretty much ignore super bowl sunday... we don't know who is playing either! LOL! And my brother even played 5 seasons for Michign Tech. University!!! (red-shirted the first year; at least I DO know what that means!)

Kelli TenHaken said...

Way to go on the great Goodwill finds. I am not that into Superbowl either, but it is an excuse to get together with friends :)