Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here's the steeple; where's the church?

There's a big Baptist church just down the road from our house in Nashville. When I was living there full-time before Spence and I married, I would give people directions by saying, "Turn right after the two big steeples." About six months ago the Baptists sold the church to a Hispanic Catholic congregation, and last month they completely renovated the building and removed the steeples. Weirdly, they set one of the steeples in the courtyard of a retirement high rise next door. I guess the residents wanted a memento from the Baptist church, which had been a city landmark since I was a kid. I personally thought it was an eyesore.

Three weeks ago a storm came through and did this:

I think I may have said a short, silent prayer that they take the steeple out, but this was not quite what I meant. Anyway, my prayer wasn't completely answered as, nearly a month after the storm, the steeple still sits exactly like this.


Holly said...

Wow, I'm surprised it has been left to just lay there like that?! You'll have to update us if it gets moved eventually! ;) Also, is there no issue with graffiti or anything in the area? It seems like a steeple lying on it's side like that would be prime fodder for night-time exploits.

Craig & Cindy said...

LOL...I mean, it's funny...but not??? Bizarre that someone doesn't go get that poor steeple. At LEAST pick it up, if not take it away to where all steeples go at the end of their life. Did they ever for one teensy moment think of how that steeple must feel all tumped over and disrespected like that?