Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is my daughter a vegetarian?

I've had inklings that Caroline is not a meat lover, but tonight pretty much confirmed it. Our church has a Wednesday night potluck. I always make her a plate of kid-friendly, easy pick-up items like chicken nuggets and pizza. But tonight she would have no part of it. She wanted what was on my plate: edamame, chick peas and tomatoes. She's a girl after Aunt Al's heart. But she also has her mom's fondness for cheesecake.

Today, we had another homestudy meeting (our second). The last one is scheduled for next Tuesday. Yahoo! We also received a copy of our psychological exam results in the mail -- 5 typed pages of observations about Spence and me. I just read it and I'm pretty sure I've never been analyzed in that much detail. In short, though, we passed! We're still waiting on our fingerprint appointment. Our social worker says that Tennessee is pretty responsive, so hopefully the wait isn't long.

Happy birthday, niece Baylee. We love you!

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aunt al said...

Yay, Little C! I'll send over some red paint so she can dump it on Papa Con's fur hat as soon as possible.

Good news on the psychological test. I'm sure you've had to field many wisecracks about this, so I won't even attempt it. It feels like things are really moving along and in no time you'll be boarding that plane.

Happy birthday Baylee!

It's a big, white, snowy mess in CO.