Friday, February 29, 2008

Fingerprints - check!

Well, we got inked! Except there was no ink involved. It was all about them spraying some goo on our hands and pressing them to a little glass thingamajig. When we first arrived the intake guy looked at my hands, then looked at Spence's hands and said, "Hmmm. Come with me." Several people in a back room inspected a little cut on his finger, no doubt the result of tearing down a barn. Lucky for him they declared him fit to print, because I was about the pull the plug on his manly manual labor for a while.

We met another couple getting fingerprinted who is adopting through China. They said their wait would be about three years! I know China's taking longer, but three years? Some people are telling me the wait is even longer. This may make Ethiopian adoptions much more attractive to people. The print tech said she'd fingerprinted 4 other couples pursuing Ethiopian adoptions that same day. It's pretty exciting, but I really want to get my dossier across the pond before the rush begins.


Nana said...

I know you are excited about being able to check yet another something off your "to do" list. What's next?

Kelli TenHaken said...

Congrats on another step to cross off your list!

Holly said...

I think the "rush" across the pond actually started QUITE some time before we all even started our adoptions. ;) I had seen talk of the increase in adoptions from ET on the forums before we began. I think that wait times for Ethiopia won't stay this "short" for too much longer. Congrats on getting "inked"! I hope your I-171H comes in no time! :D

Lori said...

Thanks for your comment, I know that it will depend on our child and what we think is best for our child. I don't think there is one best way, just like no two children are the same. Thanks, it is just encouraging to hear other people process through this.