Saturday, February 9, 2008

Weekend of woe

This weekend didn't go the way we planned. Caroline was up sick Friday night. By 10:30 pm, when it appeared there wasn't an iota of liquid left in her body, I thought we were in the clear. By 11:30 pm, after Spence had bathed her again and I had changed her sheets twice, I tried to remember that some people choose to stay up this late. By 1 am, when any movement triggered more retching, I switched to my nursing mantra, "I'm going to enjoy this because it won't last forever."

NOT! The whole experience brought distinct memories of my mother smashing up towelfuls (towelsful?) of ice with a rolling pin.

Well, we made it through the night and then slept a good part of Saturday. We lazed around Sunday, then had a one-episode relapse after dinner. Today we're doing much better and I'm practically pouring the Gatorade down her throat. She doesn't like sissy Pedialyte!

Here are a couple of pics from her bath last night. A bath always makes it better.


Craig & Cindy said...


Nice to meet you. I love your blog design. I'd love to follow along on your adoption journey. And BTW, your Caroline is the cutest! I love the pic of her sitting there with the long bangs...LOL! Too, too cute.


Holly said...

Poor little girl! I'm sorry to hear your weekend didn't go so well. Hope you are all feeling good and well rested now!

Beth said...

Oh no, not fun! I hope she is feeling all better now so you can all recover.

Lori said...

That sounds awful, there is nothing worse then sick little ones. I am glad that she is feeling better and hopefully you can catch up on your sleep.