Saturday, January 19, 2008


Caroline dazzled me last night with her latest vocabulary advancement -- thanks to some help from Papa Connie and Mama Norma. With prompting by her dad, she can say her ABCs. Except that O is "no" and U is "shoe." Since I'm completely clueless about toddler milestones and when they occur, I feel okay about considering her a genius.

Spence is on a backpacking trip this weekend (yes, it's 16 degrees and he's crazy!), so Little C and I are staying cozy indoors with toys and silly movies. No hikes, no bikes, no boats. Just fuzzy blankets and hot chocolate!


SEG said...

did you and Kelli compare notes on what you were going to do this weekend? sounds like you guys think alike!

Cris said...

Good plan! I'd take hot chocolate and goofy movies over freezing to death any day.

Holly said...

Backpacking in this weather!? I think you and C have the better end of the deal! I did go for a nice long hike with just the dog this afternoon while Ben and Ellie stayed home... but I was very glad to come home and make some nice hot soup and put on my fuzzy slippers. :)