Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hague Complete!

I finished the Hague training on Friday. I was so excited to see that "Congratulations!" window. For those of you taking it, there's one module that takes a little over three hours. Once you complete that, it's easy sailing. A lot of times, I turned up the volume and listened to the video insights while I fixed dinner or piddled in the kitchen. I saved all the resources for Spence to read and for later reference.

Yesterday, we went to Virgin Falls, an 8-mile out and back that's downhill to the falls and uphill back to the trailhead. It took about 6 hours, and I feel every bit of that walk today. Caroline got a little cold on her last hike, so we layered up her feet: Smartwool socks, footed PJs, Mama's Smartwool socks and Lockness Monster slippers from her Uncle Steve.

She was a real trooper as usual. She didn't even fuss when we changed her diaper in the low 40-degree air.



Holly said...

What a sweetheart! She looks so happy to be out in the fresh air! Ellie is at the point now where she only wants to be in the backpack for a couple miles before she is asking over and over again "out?" "walk?" That makes a few miles hike seem like a 20 mile hike, lol!

Spence & Lori Inman said...

Holly, my husband is so proud that she'll stay put for so long. I'm sure it's a only a matter of time before she wants to walk herself. We'll enjoy it while we can.