Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

Our New Year's Eve Open House was a lot of fun. We had a smaller crowd than expected -- about 30 adults and 6 kids (5 of them under age 2) -- but it was the perfect size to visit with each guest. I always worry about making sure everyone feels welcome and included, but as host, it's hard to do when you're emptying trash cans, heating up dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets for the kids, and reprimanding your toddler for un-decorating the Christmas tree.

Spence and I really appreciate those who made the trek to our house in the dark on fairly sketchy directions. And we're very sorry for the one church member who never quite found us. We live in the boondocks, where road signs are commonly stolen and directions tend to go like this: Pass the big green water tower, go about three barn lengths and turn right at the stone chimney where the Smith farmhouse used to be.

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Holly said...

Happy New Year! Your directions made me laugh! It's like that sometimes in the Upper Peninsula (where I grew up); when we used to go hunting for waterfalls we'd follow directions that said things like go through a clear-cutted field and when you see a pile of junked-up cars turn right, etc! We usually found the falls though! :D