Friday, January 11, 2008

One More Christmas

We celebrate Christmas with my dad this Saturday. We'll go to Maggiano's for a family-style Italian lunch, to Sunrise (our Nashville house) to trade gifts, then to Pleasant View to cheer on Jesi's wrestling team. Caroline is staying with Nana and Papaw the rest of the weekend so Spence and I can have a date. Of course, our definition of date is different from most. We'll probably go to the Tellico or a Cumberland Plateau river with fellow paddlers during the day and watch reruns of The Office at night. How married are we?

This is me on the Tellico River last spring.

This is Spence (and his brother Todd) on the upper Tellico.

Then we head back to Nashville on Monday to be poked, prodded and grilled about our adoption intentions (e.g., psych test). We'll let you know how it goes.


Nana said...

You forgot to mention that you have a "honey do" list for Spence while you are at Sunrise.
Hopefully yesterday's rain will have the rivers running to your liking for you paddlers. Papaw and I are looking forward to our weekend with Caroline. We promise not to spoil much!

Holly said...

That sounds like a fun date!! How long have you been paddling for? I grew up going on canoe trips with my dad, and Ben and I like to get out kayaking on the lakes around here, but I've never done stuff as wild-looking as this! :)