Friday, July 31, 2009


Two weeks ago, Overton County, a few miles north of us, had flash floods. Although we got a fair amount of rain in Jackson County, it was really not enough to be concerned about. But because our house sits on the banks of Roaring River (a river that doesn't do much roaring in July), which flows out of Overton County, we got seriously flooded. Levels we've never seen before. This pic looking off our front porch gives a little perspective:

That is Roaring River flowing through our fields. The flood took out about 2/3 of our fence, which encloses two fields totalling nearly 20 acres.

The waters came within 6 feet of Caroline's swing set and covered half of my would-be garden, except I didn't plant anything this year.

This is actually dropped several feet. It is also where we had planned to put the horses for the summer to give the upper field a rest. If we had, they'd have flushed down to the Johnson's farm.

Tomorrow I'll post some of the damage and possibly a video.


Evelyn said...

Oh, my! I hope you are well and that there isn't too much damage!

Lori said...

Wow, thank God the water didn't get to your house!!

Holly said...

That is just insane Lori! Wow...... that is some serious flooding. I hope the refencing goes smoothly.

Norma said...

Hearing about it was nothing compared to seeing these photos. Incredible! Glad the fencing's going well.