Friday, July 3, 2009

How we're doin'

We've been home nearly three weeks. All the adoption training says don't expect to love your baby right away. The first few months may be very trying. I fully appreciated having that information so I would go into things with low expectations. BUT! It just didn't happen that way.

Dawit has been happy, easy and shockingly easygoing. Physically, he's a hefty 18 pounds and seems to be packing on more every day. Seriously, I almost can't squish his pudgy legs into a Bumbo seat. This may be because he loves everything -- everything! I give him to eat. He makes the funniest faces sometimes, like I'm feeding him a lemon, but then he opens his mouth for the next bite. We're clearly contributing to Tennessee's impressive ranking of the 3rd fattest state in the U.S.
Developmentally, in 2.5 weeks he's gone from immediately tumping over to sitting independently. He can even reach toys without toppling. He loves tummy time, but doesn't creep yet. He loves to stand with support. And he loves to snuggle. It's so gratifying as Caroline was not a snuggler, unless there was a milk-filled nipple attached.

He doesn't love going to sleep, and we frequently struggle to get him down, but I think with a solid routine he can count on, he'll come around. He's gone from sleeping 8 hours at night to 10.5. That's heaven!

We are really, really in love. We can't wait to share him with others. We have another week or so before we do share him, but we feel confident he's bonding well.
HOWEVER! We have not been without challenges. I was prepared for an unhappy big sister, but this rolly-polly intrusion has upset her apple cart in a big way. We're trying to involve her in his care, give her lots of one-on-one time, but I fear we've got a long way to go. She just doesn't understand why I can't leave Dawit on the floor crying while we read bedtime stories.

I have to admit I have anxiety about being home with them both all day/night, which I was/am last night/today, while Spence went to Nashville for a concert then work today. So far I've been able to juggle staggered bedtimes and naps, meals, snacks, and one serious blowout followed by a bath with minimal crying...on my part.


Margaret said...

WOW! PRAISE GOD for such wonderful blessings!! SOOOOO happy to hear that Dawit is adjusting well and that he is allowing you to sleep at night!!! I feel for his sister though...brothers are such a pain!!! ;) She will come around though!! The picture of them is just beautiful...:)

Holly said...

Yay!!! What a great update. Caroline will adjust; you'll be amazed at how far you will have come even in another month. :)

Holly said...

Oh just wanted to throw out there that Ellie had an easy beginning with us and then her anxiety/grieving flared up after she had been home for about 4 months... she finally trusted us enough to let it all out. After 3 more months we were on solid ground. :)