Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sidebar: A taste of America

Soon after we set off for Awassa, a six-hour drive, Kate brought out a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Throughout the day we raided the bag, and what wasn't eaten was smashed to crumbs as the bag bounced around in the back of the truck with our luggage.

So on the return trip, Spence and I pulled out our snack bag. We passed the bag up to Sisay and Asserat, who sampled -- and made judgments on -- ALL of our American treats. Beef jerky: boo! Trail mix: I don't think so. Reese's snackster 100-calorie pack: not bad. Rice Krispie treats: now that's good!

It was hilarious watching these tough Ethiopian guys digging through the treat bag, turning up their noses at this and that, and finally finding something they liked.

This is Asserat, our driver. He was an expert in dodging goats and donkeys, weaving between cows, and zipping around slow-moving cars and buses even in the face of oncoming traffic. And nope, he's never been to California.


Matt and Andrea said...

Very cute Lori! What handsome tour guides you had. I will have to remember to bring some of those treats along with us.

Kara said...

Oh Lori, I love the picture of the kids on the chair with your sone looking up at your daughter. That is so precious!!!

Evelyn said...

Funny! I LOVE the picture of your kids on the right... so sweet! Also, thanks for your great words of support ... it sure does look worth every minute of the wait :)

Cory and Margaret said...

What a great memory for you to share with Dawit!! So very cool!!

Julia said...

Arggghh, you are killing me with these stories. Please come to my house this weekend!!! I need face time with another mommy.