Friday, July 31, 2009

Boy, oh boy!

Just a few things we've learned about Dawit in the nearly 7 weeks he's been home:

He's all boy. He likes to make noise and bang things together. He rocks his exersaucer almost on its edge. And he loves to crinkle an empty plastic water bottle. (Yeah I know, not very green.)

He likes traditional toys, like rattles and keys. Caroline always preferred the cardboard box it came in, but Dawit shakes and rattles his toys like the kids in commercials.

He's not afraid of water in his face, and he rarely cries much when he falls and hits his head or nose. Or when Caroline hits him, but that's another story.

His feet sweat. A lot! This should be fun when he's a teenager.

He loves Oprah. How weird is that! When he hears her voice, he whips his head around to find her. That's so much better than Barney.

Our first almost-7 weeks home have been so good. He's mastered sitting, reaching for toys, flipping from his tummy to his back, transferring toys from one hand to the other. He's not yet interested in crawling and he rarely rolls to his tummy. He can't get a puff to his mouth himself, but he loves us to feed them to him. He can make a gooey mess out of a biter biscuit, and he still loves anything you give him to eat. He weighs nearly 20 whopping pounds and is very healthy according to his pediatrician. He's outgrown everything smaller than 12 months. He nearly always sleeps 8 hours before waking and sometimes as much as 10.5. He usually does 10 or 11 hours, with one wake-up for about 3 oz. of milk.

He loves his sister -- she's lukewarm on him. I wish I could say they're getting along great, but truthfully she's not taking this well at all. At all! She takes his toys, bops him on the head, bends his fingers and last night she bit me. We do have good moments, but I know this is incredibly hard on her. We try to give her lots of time and praise and involve her in his care. But the truth is, this is just going to take some time.

I am truly overwhelmed by my love for Little D. He is such a delight, happy and easygoing. I could just sit and cuddle him for hours...but only when Caroline's not around. She's not much of a cuddler, but you know!

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Norma said...

What a sweet commentary on our little D. You nailed it. That's how I see him, too. Lovable to the max.