Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Spence came to Nashville tonight to do a little Home Depot-ing that we can't do in Cookeville. So Nana kept C while I took Spence to Gojo for a little Ethiopian fare. He liked it much more than I thought he would. He also thought it was cool to not use utensils. And I'm really developing a taste for injera. We chatted with the owner briefly and he said they can do a coffee ceremony. He also said he thought there were only a 100 or so Ethiopians living in Nashville. That's a little disappointing.

Gojo is so close and so cheap, I'd like to become a regular and get to know their small community better before we bring home our little one.


Jeremy and Allison said...

I did some training in Nashville right down the street from Gojo. That's very cool and I'm glad you guys enjoy it!

Craig and Cindy said...

I love the spicy berbere...did I spell that right?


Mother Goose said...

As a teacher of ESL at a community college, I can tell you that there are WAY more than 100 Ethiopians living in Nashville. I'd say 30% of my students are Ethiopian! I know lots of Ethiopians of all ages and backgrounds in addition to knowing several families in the process of adopting. We've got to get together and share resources!

Hope to meet you soon!