Sunday, July 13, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Caroline enjoyed her first baseball game when we went to see the Chattanooga Lookouts Friday night. We trekked up the hill to the stadium in 90+ degree heat and an unrelenting sun.

Little C happily collected her freebies: a Lookouts cap and a fan.

She ate ice cream out of a plastic baseball cap, no spoon required. She also ate a hot dog and pizza, two of her favorites.

Visited with her cousin Savannah, who turned 2 that day. Notice the sweaty, stringy hair?

And spent some time torturing the little girl (well, pretty much the whole family) in front of us. She pulled ponytails, removed caps, scratched backs, played with curls, fanned and poked the entire family of 5 before we finally called it quits at the bottom of the 3rd and let the family enjoy the rest of the game in peace.

Here's cousins Baylee and Jordan looking all glamorous.

We had a great time, but I think I enjoy the close-up excitement -- and air conditioning -- of the Tech basketball games better.