Monday, August 4, 2008

All roads lead to Ethiopia

A few little tidbits for you (some bigger than others):

The first Bethany families are headed to Ethiopia in a little over a week: Holly to pick up Bereket and Beth to pick up Levi. Hopefully, Kelli will be on the same plane. Her little girl Ruby has been sick and in the hospital, so she has not been able to get her passport. But she is doing better and should be on her way to a passport soon. Prayers for all these families.

While we wait -- to travel, for referrals, for I-171H's -- a bunch of my blogging buddies are "walking" to Ethiopia. It's a little over 7,400 miles, and we're tracking our personal miles each Friday. It's been very motivating for me to virtual walk with a group. I find myself several times a week saying, "I've gotta get in my miles." I even got up at 6:30 this morning and walked 4 miles. My mom's joined in too.

Two nights ago, I had a dream I was at a party. I was talking to a woman who was from our adoption agency (not our SW). She told me that our date was March 12. She said it reluctantly, like she wasn't really supposed to tell me. I said, "Our referral?" And she said, "Yes, she will have had the baby by then." Now, I don't know what that means, but I was shocked to wake up and remember the actual date. Some of you are probably calculating the wait -- it's 9 months from DTE -- and saying, "Noooo! That's too long." If you are, remember it was just a dream. But I did look and March 12 is a Thursday. I guess we'll see.


Lori said...

I need to join in on the walk. I missed the first couple of weeks but I think it would be fun!

I am hoping that you get your referral way before March, so I can get my referral before March :)

SEG said...

what an awesome dream though!!

Craig and Cindy said...

It's amazing the dream...and all roads are leading to Ethiopia. I'm anxious to hear the hopefully good news about how all the Gladney families fared today in court..

Keep on walkin', girlfriend...



Holly said...

Was this your first adoption dream?? I remember having a few of them with Ellie but not any this time around. I hope your referral comes sooner than that, but it would be interesting if it ended up being around that time. :)

Our Princess said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been in a whirlwind lately with travel preps. Are you on the East TN Ethiopian Families listserv? I would love to stay connected with you. It's always fun to find other TN--Ethiopia families!

Eastiopians said...

I just had to write on here to say "Hello, from March 12th!" It's a happy day b/c you have your referral already! happy happy joy joy!