Friday, July 18, 2008

Not your grandma's porch swing

This is the birthday present my sweet hubby made me (back in June). For the past 5 years, we've logged a lot of time on our front porch in a swing that used to be his grandmother's. While it served us well, we decided it was time to upgrade. This is the Mercedes of porch swings. It's made of poplar, much of it salvaged from several barns Spence tore down.

Note the contoured arm rests and handy-dandy drink trays (or beer holders, as we call them).

Eventually Spence will make and sell these. You can see his lamps here. Thanks, sweetie!


The Addington's said...

What a beautiful swing!! Spence is very talented. I'd never go in my house if I could sit on the porch and swing!

Kelli TenHaken said...

Your Hubby is talented! The stuff he made is beautiful!

Beth said...

It is beautiful!

Holly said...

It is absolutely beautiful!!! I've always wanted a porch swing... but I need to get a porch first!

Matt and Andrea said...

Wow they are beautiful!!
Oh, the fish was huge huh? I saw your comment on my page. My husband just loves to be out there on Lake Superior, actually I need to get out there too!

Craig and Cindy said...

GEEZ, he's super talented! I think Spence and Craig would get along famously. I LOVE, LOVE the porch swing!