Monday, July 14, 2008

Tender moments and milestones

Caroline has never been the lovey dovey type. She's not big on hugs, and cuddling has to be on her terms. One routine we've established that I'm so thankful for is the bedtime rock. She snuggles up to me in the rocking chair while clutching her bear lovey and instructing me on which song she wants me to sing, usually Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Last night she was particularly cuddly, gazing into my eyes as I sang. I soaked up every moment of it, stroking her hair and cheek and resisting the urge to hold her just a little tighter. I silently prayed that I would have tender moments like this with our Ethiopian child one day too.

At that very moment she nonchalantly put her finger in her nose and deposited the contents right on my t-shirt. It brought tears to my eyes.

In another special moment, as I was unloading my car from the weekend, I came back inside to a disturbing quiet to find that C had opened the bathroom door (I didn't know she could do that) and was unloading cupfuls of toilet water (an obscene amount of toilet water) onto the bathroom floor and hall carpet using her plastic, Lookouts baseball cap cup (see post below).


Holly said...

Oh MY Lori! What fun this age is. :)

Norma said...

You can't imagine how I enjoyed your blog tonight. This tender scene had me almost teary-eyed until Caroline's antics brought me back to earth. Now I can't stop laughing.