Monday, April 28, 2008

Potpourri of thoughts

May 1 is our 4th anniversary. This weekend Spence and I went to east Tennessee to celebrate while Nana kept Little C. We had a grand time boating, grilling out, sleeping in a wonderful cabin overlooking the Hiwassee River, waking up to rain and lazing around all morning drinking coffee, hiking along Citico Creek (see pics below), my all-time favorite scenic hike, and just jabbering in the car on the 7-hour round-trip drive. Even after 5+ years together, we have so much to talk about and I still think my husband is the greatest!

We were glad to get back home to C, although she had grown somewhat attached to Nana and was reluctant to let her leave.

On the adoption front, I wrote USCIS to inquire about our I-171H. I got the answer I expected: "Our current workload has necessitated our processing being moved to 10 weeks." So there you go. We wait... On the bright side, some of my blogging buddies have had the opportunity to meet and visit with Bethany's in-country director and the director of Yezelalem Minch, the Ethiopian orphanage that Bethany is working with. Both men are visiting the U.S. from Ethiopia. You can read about their visit on Holly's blog.


The Addington's said...

I'm always stunned by your beautiful pictures. You live in a gorgeous part of the country. Praying that your form comes very soon.

Lori said...

How fun to get away with your hubbie! Again I must say, WOW, you live in a beautiful place!

Come on I-171!!!!!!

Beth said...

What gorgeous scenery. I can't wait until Michigan looks that green. We are getting there.

Hoping that elusive I-171H comes soon.

Holly said...

Happy Anniversary Lori and Spence! I hope this is your week!

Craig & Cindy said...

Um, okay, have I told you how lucky you are lately to live near such beauty in nature? Sounds like it was a loooovely time. Those pics are awesome. Craig said, wow, that is awesome!

Oh and our 4th Anniversay is May 13th this year - se celebra!!!