Thursday, April 3, 2008

Caroline was tagged... her blog friend Ellie in Michigan.

Here are 5 things about me:

1. I love tractors - Papa's lawn tractor, Dad's big tractor, my little John Deere, any old, rusty piece of farm equipment I see in a field. My second word (after "kitty") was tractor. Maybe I'll be a farmer one day.

2. My favorite letter is "S". I shout out "S" whenever I see it - on stop signs, tv commercials, in books, etc.

3. When I get full or if I don't want something on my tray, I jettison it right over the side. When I was little I used to say, "Lodelo," which was my own made-up word meaning, "I don't want this pea (or whatever food) anymore. Please take it off my tray immediately or I will dump it overboard."

4. I ride 200 miles in the car every week -- 100 miles to Nashville on Mondays and 100 miles back home on Wednesdays so my mom can work at her office. But it means I get to see my Nana every week, and if I'm good I can watch Barney on the car DVD player.

5. I'm a fruit and veggies girl. I love all things green: avocado, peas, green beans, green peppers, green olives, spinach, broccoli, grapes. I like cake too!

I'm a little sketchy on tag rules, but if it's allowed I tag a few of our favorite furry friends (and one finned one): Tiger, Tucker, Cora, Mya, Daisy, Bob Laurence and Crispy.


Craig & Cindy said...

Loves all things green!!! Too great. I hope baby OM does too. BTW, I still need to blog Bob Laurence's tag.... :)


SEG said...

i love Lodelo- kids are so hilarious- eden used to say "sha-bo" whenever she jumped!