Monday, May 5, 2008

Bethany picnic

Bethany's Nashville office held its annual picnic for adoptive and waiting families this weekend. We had a great time meeting families -- international and domestic -- and boisterous kids of all ages. Caroline especially loved jumping in the inflatable playhouse (what do you call that thing?) and she held up great til 2p without a nap. I took a bunch of great pics that I shared with Bethany, but I won't post other families here for privacy sake.

After the picnic we went to TACA, the Tennessee Arts & Crafts festival, at Centennial Park so Spence could check out the work of fellow woodworkers. I'll post some of his creations here soon. It was a long day but fun! We got home to, no surprise, no I-171H. :-(


Anonymous said...

These pictures are so cute. Looks like little C had a blast. She's getting so big. Hope to see you guys soon!


Craig & Cindy said...

Super adorable pics!


Holly said...

What fun! Your I-171H has GOT to be coming soon!

Lori said...

Looks like a fun weekend except for that stinkin' I-171h...urgh!