Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Referral wait times

I was perusing Ethiopian adoption blogs a couple nights ago -- ones I don't typically look at but which link from my favorites. I was shocked to see that one family, who's about the same stage as us, is anticipating a referral wait time of 18 months. And this one is through a well-known agency with an established Ethiopia program. The writer acknowledged that wait times vary by agency, but 18 months??

I know y'all are looking ahead for a link to this blog so you can see it for yourself. Sorry, I didn't save it. I do that all the time -- find an interesting blog then forget where it is.

I've got a meeting tomorrow with our SW to go over our dossier docs and make sure everything is in order. I'm comtemplating going ahead and getting everything great sealed too, so if I get there and something is amiss I can get it fixed while we wait, wait, wait on the I-171H. Friday will be 5 weeks. I'll also ask her if she has any information she can share about referral progress.


Craig & Cindy said...

I read that on two blogs as well; Cloverland Farm sites to an article and the same article is sited on Mike and Jo's blog. Similarly, I was worried.

Will you post any info. your agency shares with you regarding news about wait times? I thought Craig and I might expect to bring home baby OM before Jan of 2009, but now I'm thinking we could be waiting for quite a bit longer...


Kelli TenHaken said...

Wow- 18 months seems long... I have not heard that number. Bethany is saying 8-15 months and I think 15 months is very conservative, but maybe I'm just being positive :)

I really hope the wait is not near 18 months.

Jeremy and Allison said...

I really don't like the sound of that! I know our agency just increased wait times from 3-9 months to 6-10 months. The family that waited the longest so far only waited 6 months though. I guess the wait with Ethiopia is growing along with every other country.

karimtk3 said...

I guess it's great that so many families are adopting, but wow, I hope it isn't that long!!