Friday, April 24, 2009

No news

Looks like we'll be waiting til Monday for news on our court date. Milkiyas did not contact Grand Rapids with the outcome, and now Grand Rapids is closed for the weekend.

If I were to let that pesky slide rule or the laws of probability sneak into my psyche, I would be bummed as the aforementioned family who passed this week found out the same day, and the family who did not pass waited a day to hear. But I refuse to be bummed...yet.

We have a fun weekend planned, with paddle/picnic on Roaring River tonight, a hike at Standing Stone State Park on Saturday and a paddle on Clear Creek Sunday.

A shout out to Shadley and Cindy whose court dates are Monday.


Holly said...

We did not hear the same day... and we passed! So don't fear yet. Have fun this weekend!!!

Evelyn said...

Hoping along with you for good news on Monday!!

los cazadores said...

Thank you! I was thinking of you guys and couldn't get to a computer yesterday. So sorry you did not hear news. Looks like Craig and I will be in more good company on Monday.



Eastiopians said...

I hope you hear good news soon!