Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Big girl bed

Caroline tried out her new toddler bed last night (a great Pottery Barn bed that I got on Craigslist). I really didn't intend for her to use it until D comes along, but its novelty was just too much for her to resist.

I went to bed prepared for multiple "get ups." But she didn't make a peep all night. Morning came a little earlier than usual, I think, because the bed was right under the window and sun was shining on her face. But instead of climbing out of bed, she just shouted down the hall like usual. When I opened the door she was standing on the bed holding her blanket, just like she does in the crib. I guess it escaped her that she could escape on her own.

A little aside: C just climbed up on the bed next to me and upon seeing my hair twisted up in a towel said, "I don't like your hat, Mama."


Cory and Margaret said...

Way to go C!! YOu did a great job in your new Big Girl Bed!!!

PS: Towel hats are ALL the rage with Mommies!! :)

aunt al said...

Hee hee! Love the hat comment and hope she never figures out that she can escape that bed.

Norma said...

Hooray for Caroline! Sleeping in the big girl bed is a huge milestone. Enjoy the staying put in the morning---this too will pass. So she's fashion conscious already!

Margaret said...

OH YES!! If we can go, I 100% want to go!! MY DH is not all that interested in going, but I cannot WAIT!!!!!! I really want to be able to bring some donations to them too!!!