Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm a fan of dooce.com. It was on this site that I finally learned what a blog is. For at least a year, I just pretended to know. Even my husband who, bless his heart, needs help adding an attachment to an email caught on before I did:

Me: Whatcha doing?
Spence: Reading the Drudge Report.
Me: What's that?
Spence: It's a blog.

Well, that cleared things right up. I didn't even let on to him that I still had no idea what a blog was. Today, I not only know what a blog is, I'm actually a blogger. Well, sort of -- I have at least 8 readers.

Anyway, I was reading dooce this morning when my mind started wandering to the fact that... "this woman makes a living off this site. People like me support her. Well, not me exactly. The people who read her ads. Not me. I NEVER do that. I mean, who cares about stuff like..." and I casually look to the right and see this ad titled Print Your Blog. And I was like ooooohhh, I want to do that! What a great way to scrapbook for my new little one. And dadgumit if I didn't click the dang ad.

Apparently I'm not the rebel I thought I was. You're welcome, Heather.


Jeremy and Allison said...

Sucka! Hee, me too!

aunt al said...

Well, to be fair, Heather has the best ads! She and Jon make good choices, it seems, and that must make all the difference. They are savvy bizpeople...I'm sure you noticed that even the Daily Chuck is sponsored by HP.

Kristin said...

Hey I'm reader #9, just wanted to tell you your blog is gaining readers all the time!
Congrats on the sending off of your dossier! Hope your wait for a referral is a quick one!
God bless,