Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pesto fest

I don't have a green thumb, but one thing I can grow well is basil. I've been coaxing these 4 babies into small trees since late April. This pic is actually post harvest.

Here's the harvest, all washed and ready to be transformed into pesto, a wonderful starting point for pasta and pizza sauce.

The secret to these large beautiful leaves: Spray 'n Grow plant vitamins. My mom is a QVC junkie and she was so tempted by the baseball-size strawberries and canteloupe-size tomatoes they touted, she had to have it. That's a bit of an exaggeration, but it works!

And here's what it all boiled down to. I make up the recipe sans cheese, freeze them in cubes, then pop them out into a freezer bags. Voila!


The Addington's said...

I bought Spray 'N Grow from QVC too. I love it. Love your harvest!!

aunt al said...

This is a good place to funnel your nesting/planning desires while you wait for the baby/toddler. I can totally see you making a grid to organize the pesto process too! Also, can't wait to have some next week.

Lori said...

Yummy! I amy need to buy some of that Spray N' Grow, the growing season here in CO is so short I need all the help I can get. Enjoy your pesto.

Craig & Cindy said...

Seriously looks fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Glad I could make my contribution to your green thumb project.
Nana (the QVC junkie)