Thursday, June 12, 2008

Got sand?

We've learned a few things here in Daytona: sand is crunchy and not so good to drink, the waves are unpredictable but fun, and a nap is a welcome treat each day. Caroline's favorite thing to say in the house: go beach (formerly go river). Her favorite thing to say at the beach: lunch (or roni or pizza).
We went to the water park yesterday. C was too small for most everything. She liked to sit at the edge of the wave pool (not as cool as the real thing, though) and float "Lazy River" in her life jacket. Next year she can do the slides. Spence and I traded off on the slides -- they were fun!
For everyone back home, C has made strides in her manners, saying please and thank you (sometimes "thank you, ma'am" or "thank you sweetie"). We're proud.


Anonymous said...

I miss my little girl but the pictures help. Sounds like you all are having a fun and restful time. "How 'bout" those good manners. That makes a Nana proud.

Glad to know that the paperwork has arrived and all you have to do now is wait.

Love you all

Holly said...

What cute photos of Caroline! Looks like a fun vacation!

Craig & Cindy said...

Have I mentioned how beautiful your daughter is? Seriously, she's a doll. :)

Looks like fun at the beach.