Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mom time

Caroline and I stayed home for some quality bonding while Spence went on a solo fishing trip on the plateau. We got up at 8a (she's a sleeper like her mama), had breakfast and went outside to play. We went to say "hi" to the horses and let them into the big field. We found that during the night they had removed the door to the hay stall. Apparently, one of them tried to bust into the stall and get some hay, got stuck, panicked and ripped the door off. Actually, they pulverized it into about 10 pieces. One more item for Spence's to-do list.

Mid-morning we drove to Gainesboro to stock up on grillers for tomorrow night's Mother's Day cookout. This grocery store doesn't have weird foods like avocado or artichokes, but I managed to find a few squash and mushrooms for our kabobs. We zipped to Dollar General to get some sand toys (since our bucket and shovel were in dad's truck) and a huge bottle of bubbles, then headed to Roaring River Park. Caroline played in the sand and graciously shared her toys with several other kids. She claimed the playground was "too hot" to touch, so she entertained herself by transferring sand to the sidewalk.

When toddler life started becoming a frustrating proposition and even bubbles didn't make it better, we went home for an overdue nap. She slept 3 hours, while I sat on the porch swing and read and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I hooked up the bike trailer and we rode the loop. It was my third time pulling the big hill with Caroline in tow but my first time doing it without stopping halfway up to die. Caroline chattered all the way to the top: "Trees!" "All gone" (meaning her milk)." "All fall down."

We got home and ate pizza and watermelon on the porch. Caroline is a bottomless watermelon pit. It makes for juicy diapers. Spence called as we were getting ready for a bath to say he was bringing home amazing pictures and a mess of fish.

It was a fun day. We were both wiped out. Caroline went straight from the bath to the stairs saying, "Bed."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for an update on my two favorite Jackson Co. girls. Sounds like a perfect day for Mom and Caroline.
Happy Mother's Day and maybe next year you will be celebrating with two!
Much love,

Holly said...

Sounds like a fun and busy day! No watermelons for us yet this year but it won't be too long. :)