Monday, May 12, 2008

Fly, little bird!

This very moment (Monday, 7:25 p.m.), our dossier is somewhere in the air between Nashville and Grand Rapids. Hopefully its visit there will be short and it'll be on its way to D.C. for a brief layover, then on to Addis Ababa.

My trip to the Secretary of State building to authenticate our last document was an interesting close to our adoption paper chase. As I hiked up the hill to the building (because there's no parking within half a mile) and approached the entrance, I noticed a white van parked in front (where it says "no parking") with hood up and lots of wires trailing from the engine to the ground. I paused a moment to consider whether this mission was worth walking within 6 feet of a fully wired vehicle illegally parked in front of a state government high rise.

I think my blog buddies will agree - of course it was! I waited 9 weeks and 5 days for that last piece of paper and no potential WMD was getting in my way. None of the smokers milling around outside seemed alarmed, so I headed in to get my retinas scanned for access to the upper floors. Hmmm, strange security system.

I got my doc sealed within minutes and was on my way. Outside, the van was still there, but this time there were two distressed-looking ladies sitting in it, most likely waiting for AAA.

I'll still save this story, though, in case I ever need to remind our little one what I was willing to go through to bring him/her home.

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Holly said...

Laughing at your story! Finally your dossier is out of your hands. What a happy day!