Sunday, December 16, 2007


Since we shared news of our plans with family and friends, we've been overwhelmed by the positive support and encouragement. We're making progress on our homestudy paperwork, but I thought it might be nice to back up and talk a little about why we chose this road.

I have always wanted to adopt. To say it's something I feel called to do is the best way I can describe it. It's just a feeling that I know is right. I know there are needy children all over the world. I know we can't save them. all. But we can provide a loving home for one child. And although that may not make a lot of difference in the world, it will make a world of difference to that child.

Spence and I have talked about this for nearly a year. We attended an information session with Bethany and began to feel the international program was the way we'd go. But we quickly learned that, due mainly to our ages (we're old apparently!), we didn't qualify for many countries. So we put our plans on hold and discussed other options for growing our family. Then in October, Bethany announced their new Ethiopian program. Not only did we qualify, the cost was reasonable and a little research revealed that this country needed us -- if only to help one of the millions and millions of orphans who were loved by their birth parents, but through tragic circumstances, lost one or both of them.

Some people have expressed concern about the risks -- the child's health, attachment disorders, lack of history, etc. These are things we've studied and feel informed about. We worry about these things too, but we encourage people to remember there are risks with others things, like pregnancy after 35.

Spence and I (and most of our friends and family) know we could have another biological child. And that idea sounds wonderful to both of us too. But something in our hearts tells us that adoption is a better choice for us. And we're following our hearts.

On a paperwork note, we're finishing up the last of it before our interviews start. I just finished my physical today. I had to get a TB test. As I was walking away from the sign-in desk, I heard a man mumble to his wife, "Blah blah TB blah blah." They proceeded to look like they really wanted me to ship out. A few minutes later, another woman approached the desk to explain she was having her TB results read and how long would she have to wait. Apparently this guy thought there was an outbreak going around. I let him squirm rather than reveal I was eavesdropping on his comments.

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Holly said...

Thanks for sharing your "why" story; I think it's pretty neat that many of us are adopting from Ethiopia for similar reasons. I too felt "called" to adopt from a young age (high school); it was only a matter of "growing up" and waiting on God.

On a side note, I find that kind of hysterical that the man in the doctor's office was worried about an outbreak! I can't believe he's never had to have a TB test for something... I mean, doesn't everyone at some point have to have a TB test done for one reason or another. Gosh, I think this was my 4th or somewhere in there. Funny!