Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We Got a Social Worker

Our formal application has been received by Bethany, and today we were assigned a social worker. She will guide us through the entire process, homestudy and dossier prep. I have to confess I had to look up "dossier" in the dictionary. My guess was that it is a bunch of papers on a similar subject. But considering that a dossier appears to be the key to us bringing home a beautiful child from Ethiopia and loving him forever, I figured it must have some loftier definition. Turns out it means a bunch of papers on a similar subject: us (the Inman family).

We still have a few straggling pieces of paper to turn in before we start meeting with our SW. Feel free to join me in hounding Spence to get his part done.



Holly said...

Hello there! So glad to have you on the Bethany forum and glad to be sharing this experience with you! :D

Nana said...

Wow, this new venture is expanding my horizons. I am learning about geography, adoption, and blogging. Hope this old dog can learn new tricks. John and I are very excited about the prospects of having another grandchild.
Nana and Papaw

Cousin Debra said...

You are on a blessed journey. Thank you for sharing each step. As for "encouraging" Spence, I have always thought that Uncle Connie could "encourage" anybody! (I heard those "amens" from Bird and Todd!!)
Cousin Debra