Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Few Days Off

Well, we have a few days off while we celebrate Christmas with the Inmans. I hope I can relax and forget about work -- that's always hard! I'm excited to have the family together though. Allison is in from Denver, and Little C's cousin Savannah is coming from Chattanooga with her parents Todd & Tara. We have a full weekend planned.

After Christmas, Spence and I are planning to host our second (annual?) New Year's Even Open House. It goes from 4 to 9 p.m. You're probably thinking, "What about ringing in the New Year at midnight?" Well, it's basically a party for lightweights and friends who have young children -- Spence and I fall into both categories. We actually do ring in the New Year -- in Hawaii. Last year we had a houseful so apparently the idea has merit. Now I just have to do the invitations. (In case I'm slow, if you're reading this you're invited.)

I'm sitting in bed typing this as the rest of the family sleeps. In keeping with my new commitment to exercise every day, Spence is supposed to drive me upriver early this morning for a quick paddle down Roaring River back to our house. It's about a mile of flatwater paddling and the river finally has enough water to accommodate a boat. BUT! I'm not sure I'm going to have time. This is my problem: good intentions but hectic schedules always get in the way.

On another note, all of our homestudy paperwork is at Bethany as of yesterday. Our first homestudy meeting is scheduled for January 15, the same day we start agency training.

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