Thursday, October 27, 2011

Summing it up

If you wanted to capture the essence of my kids, wrap it all up in a neat little package, these three pics would almost do the trick.

  • Caroline has a spiral notebook and pen in her hand. She's happiest when she's adorning every available surface with hearts, happy faces and names of all the people she loves.
  • Dawit's pushing something with wheels.
  • Caroline's wearing pj's. Granted the sunset makes it look like bedtime is approaching, but she would wear them 24/7 if we (read: I) allowed it. If you draw the line at going out to restaurants in our sleepwear, Spence and I are on opposite sides of that line.
  • Dawit's cheesing it up for the camera, while Caroline is pretty much blowing it off. 
  • Caroline's jagged little bangs give a little glimpse into her fiercely independent nature.
  • Dawit is the poster child for Thomas the Tank Engine. See shoes.
  • They're both a blur of activity.
So different, yet so uniquely awesome. 


Evelyn said...

This is so sweet. They look incredibly healthy and happy. Love these snapshots that reflect our kids personalities so perfectly!

Bridget said...

Love this! They are both so beautiful.

Judy said...

That's two of my GRANDS. Don't you just love their individuality!