Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leaf walk

Sunday I took the kids on a leaf walk. As we collected, we admired the unique qualities of each leaf and marveled at how many different trees we have within 20 minutes of home. We compared some of them to things that would help us remember which tree they came from. (Which one looks like an alien? a cat head?) We talked about how leaves change color each fall and why they fall from their branches. We brainstormed art projects Caroline could try with leaves. It turned out to be a nifty little impromptu science lesson. Sort of. Dawit really just wanted to throw rocks.

Anyone care to identify these? Anyone? Anyone?

These are the easy ones. Next trip, we're going to take our Field Guide to Southern Trees (or whatever it's called) and branch out, so to speak, to some harder-to-identify ones.

PS. That little round fella is a geode we found.


Judy said...

I see an oak and a maple leaf. An art project for C - paint the back side of a leaf and press it on paper. She will think the vein print is really cool. As for D - rock throwing will always work.

Alana said...

Don't ask David on the hike tomorrow if you don't want to know....he loves telling the scientific name as well as the generic name.....

Jo Somebody said...

*stares blankly*

*slowly raises hand*

*is...is the answer 'tree'?*

*goes back to her urban London life*

(seriously though, there are loads of wonderful parks in London, I can't blame here, it's just me!)