Monday, June 6, 2011

Very random BBB

I'm not sure who coined the phrase Bad Blogger Bullets, but since I stole it from Rebekah, I'll give her the credit. 
  • I'm very apathetic about blogs (both writing and reading them) lately. Maybe it's a cycle everyone goes through at some point. I'm grateful for Facebook because its bullety nature syncs well with my short attention span. 
  • I love my blog buddies and feel certain I'll come back into the circle of love someday. I hate that I can no longer get my deep, introspective thoughts out on paper. Probably for the same reason it takes me 3 days to watch a Netflix movie: kids demanding my attention, chores, work, travel, stuff to do, more stuff to do, etc.
  • Caroline is in summer school. Our county got a grant allowing her school to have a free two-week program on oceanography. When we arrive at school, each child has to sign in at the front door. This morning a long line formed behind us because C insisted on writing her own name, putting 2 inches of space between each letter and having to write down the side of the page.  
  • Dawit is talking in complete, semi-comprehensible sentences. Some of his favorite phrases: Hit quay (push play on the DVD player). On go ribber? (Are we going to the river?) Morn chicken, quease (more fish, please). I not stinky (that one's pretty clear). Zat Sarah, Nynine? (Is this creature on my PJs a triceratops, Caroline?) 
  • Caroline used to call herself Nynine (99) when she was learning to talk, so we figured Nynine would be easier for Dawit to say as he's learning to talk. Now I fear he'll never call her anything else. 
  • I just ate a whole California Pizza Kitchen margherita pizza.
  • I left my Droid sitting on the burner while I cooked my pizza, the one with the exhaust spout. When I went to pick it up, it was almost too hot to hold. Now it won't turn on. I'm going to wait for it to cool down then try again. Do you think my warranty will cover that? I've gotten the lecture from Spence more than once about setting things on burners even when you're not using the stove. For the most part I've heeded that warning, plastic collander notwithstanding. But in this case my black phone blended in with the black burner.
  • I love garlic salt.
  • I love salt on watermelon.
  • I've been dealing with unusual back pain for about 11 days now. Three of those days I spent worrying that I might have cancer. When you google back pain, it brings up stories of people whose doctors told them it was musculo-skeletal only to find out months later they had lymphoma or ovarian cancer. So I went to my doc and she said musculo-skeletal. When I mentioned being worried about cancer, she laughed at me. The good kind of laugh, like "Dear, quit torturing yourself with random google searches. You don't have cancer." If she says so, I guess. Apparently, I'm getting old and sleep on a crappy bed. A $1,500 pillow-top piece of crap is how she put it. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of a $1,500 pillow-top mattress with several enormous pee stains (not mine -- my cat's and Caroline's). If I put it on craigslist for free, I'd probably be inviting trouble because I'm certain only crazies would want a free pee-stained bed. Gotta think on that one.
  • I truly empathize with people who have back pain and spasms that feel like someone's wringing out your muscles like a washcloth. It's truly crippling and depressing. And maybe why I ate an entire pizza.
  • My phone works -- I just got a call.
  • I haven't forgotten about "A Day in Pictures." I can't seem to remember to get started in the morning. And when I do capture the morning, I forget to document the rest of the day. I contemplated cheating and creating my own picture perfect day by piecing together pics from different days, but then that would be cheating. 
  • After one year and 3 days, the bridge to our house is finally open. No more 2-hour commutes to take Caroline to school and pick her up (30 minutes each way, twice a day). The first day I crossed the new bridge, I stopped, got out of my car and did a little jig. Joy!


Kimpossible said...

I love the BBB. One of my favorite posts ever, actually.

rebekah said...

I miss you. I keep forgetting to tell you (for like weeks now) that I went to LA bc you told me too. I was accused of some horrible snoring by a certain B and she didn't look like she believed me when I said it was surely my nearly swollen shut throat. I didn't especially perk up till the event.

I might have started the BBB bc I have to do it to get the swirling insanity out of my head, but it's likely I saw someone else do it. I'd be a bad academic, I so easily incorporate stuff without knowing where it came from.

Yay for the bridge - that is huge!

Bridget said...

O.k., first of all, I love this post! I love picturing you doing a jig on the bridge- and dang, girl- those pizzas are meant for ONE! Whatev! Sorry about your back pain...SUCKS! And as for Bek's comment, um.....she WAS snoring rather loudly, but I love her any way. And I miss you, too!!! A lot.