Sunday, June 12, 2011

A procrastinator's day in photos 2011

If I had to title this day, it would be "No-Adventure Saturday." Usually at least one weekend day is spent on some kind of family adventure: paddling, swimming, fishing, wading, camping, etc. But occasionally it's necessary to stay home and bring order back to our lives. This is one of those Saturdays.

7ish: Watching Super Why on PBS. They were quiet for so long, I came in to investigate and found a most unusual scene: sharing daddy's chair. No elbowing, pinching or bickering. It warmed my heart and finally inspired me to document our day in pictures.
8ish: Breakfast of cinnamon toast and Cheerios. Once again, no one attempting to poke the other's eye. Makes a mama proud
9ish: So begins the attempt to curb the chaos, bring the entropy under control. 

Also 9ish: Outside chores continue with Spence hard at work since 6a. I was not up yet to document it. Numerous times floods have taken out our fence and numerous times Spence has rebuilt it. Now we're employing a new strategy of widely spacing the posts to cut down on debris snags when the river floods. The government is paying us to do this. Weird, huh?
10ish: Playing outside. You might notice that C always seems to be in PJs. She pretty much would live in them if I'd let her.

11ish: Lunch! I don't routinely feed my kids Lunchables. We bought them for taking on river trips, but if the kids spot them in the frig they're history. Note C's runner-up wardrobe of choice: nothing.
Early afternoon: (I missed a few hours taking a nap.) Spence continues his field chores. Bushhogging is usually a twice-a-year commitment. It sure makes our fields look nicer.
3p: Dawit helps wash Mama's car, then continues to wet down the entire front yard and porch while I prep dinner inside. Luckily I've got big windows in the kitchen so I can see who's spraying who and intervene as necessary.
5ish: Prepping veggie fried rice with all the appropriate accoutrements: beer and the company of a talented artiste. And yes, I use jarred garlic! Sue me.

6ish: I finally take the yucky bucket to the compost bin. I don't know why I resist this chore so much. I usually end up with fruit flies and some disgusting smell in my house before I make the run. 

Green pepper!
Deer stay out! Floods too.
I come back in from the garden to find this lovely painting on the kitchen counter. How many times have I preached: only on paper! I guess the world is her canvas.

7ish: After dinner, a little Curious George so mom and dad can wrap up barn chores.


...and scooping poop. A never-ending job.

Skip coming in for dinner, a little slower than usual thanks to the 90-degree weather.

And Delilah bringing up the rear, kind of like I did on posting our Day in Photos 2011. Her pokiness cost her her sweet feed tonight as Skip helped himself. 
It probably appears as if I have a sweet deal in this chores thing. Spence kind of looks like he's serving a life sentence of hard labor. It's true. After the weekend when I return to work, he continues his superman status as stay-at-home dad. And let me tell you, chasing our two whippersnappers around all week makes hauling poop, hogging bushes and building fences seem like a day at the beach. I'm a lucky girl.


los cazadores said...

Oooo a farm like yours. Love.

My one friend with the farmette in Philly goes on and on about mucking.

Mucking??? Is that code for poop scooping?

HollyMarie said...

You are lucky indeed! :) Loved your day in pictures; how are your kiddos getting so big?

rebekah said...

Dang I love your house, and your garden, and I can't wait to hear more about your life someday. Seems quite lovely, even if you all do work hard.

Christine said...

I love your place, I love it. The kids are adorable. Horses beautiful. All of it.

Bridget said...

Wow- breathtaking- those fields! And your garden! So incredibly awe-inspiring. I envy people like you. I just don't think I could do it. But I love, love, love farms- your horses are so pretty! LOVE the paint- oh my, how many times have I said 'only on paper' too- what is it w/our feisty girls?!

kn said...

It all looks like hard work and absolutely divine.

Thanks for posting the photos - it's a delight to see them.

Me too with the lackadaisical blog reading/posting. But then when I do get to a favorite blog it makes me so happy. Like now.