Sunday, December 5, 2010

Twisted traditions part 2

Yesterday, Caroline and I went to the movies to see Tangled. It was her first time. She was in awe of the cavernous theater, the effect of the 3-D glasses and the booming surround sound and let everyone around us know how cool she thought it all was. We clearly don't let her out much. Before that, we had hot chocolate at Poet's, and shopped for her a Christmas outfit and some gifts for her teachers.

We were so on a roll, I figured the perfect way to cap off a Hallmark weekend would be to bake homemade cut-out Christmas cookies together.

Cute, right? Here's kind of how it went: "Wait, don't press down the sifted flour; we want it fluffy! No, you can't lick your finger and stick it in the sugar. Go wash your hands, please. Hold on, don't lift the beater out of the bowl while it's running. No, you can't lick the beater yet. Watch your beads; they're dragging in the flour. No, you can't lick the beater yet. Wait, don't stick your finger in it; we don't touch the food while we're baking. No you can't lick the beater yet!! Ok, watch out his head is coming off. Your icing is dripping down the front of your dress. Really, half the bottle of sprinkles on one cookie? Look, we have all these cookies still to decorate. Forget it; I'll freeze the rest and we'll try this again another day. You wanna watch Barbie?"

It was beautiful.

A few minutes later she decided she'd get dressed and go outside to pet our new stray cat. It was 29 degrees. Have at it, kid.

And this is for Nana, who wanted to see Dawie's new haircut. He was none too happy about the bathtub intrusion and kept shouting, "No cheese! No cheese." Which basically meant, "I'm not smiling. I'm trying to poop."

Which is exactly what he did one minute after I snapped these pictures.


Judy said...

I love D's new "do" - his haircut, that is. As for Caroline, we may be seeing the next Iron Chef in the making. Thanks for letting her be creative. What wonderful memories you all are making.

eastiopians said...

LOL!!! This post is hilarious! Sweet kiddos. Beads, no cheese, and all. :)

Evelyn said...

Ew on the poop, but he sure is cute! Sounds like a fun (mostly) time with your Caroline!

Norma said...

May I suggest you write a book called Cookin' with Caroline? This could be the first entry!

And Dawie, your haircut looks terrific. No cheese is a classic.