Saturday, December 11, 2010


These beautiful snowflake mittens were made by my friend Holly.

Aren't they the coziest thing you've ever seen? Just saying "snowflake mittens" makes me all warm and toasty. Within minutes of them arriving in the mail, I put them on and went for a hike. These are the first pair she made in bright red. I asked her to make mine in earth tones, so they are a blend of purple, blue and burgundy.

Check out Holly's other beautiful creations here. Her hats are just gorgeous. The cool thing about Holly is she's such a talented artist, whenever she wants to learn something new she just says, "I think I'll learn to make this, and voila, a week later she's done it. She does it with two precocious girls running around her house (I have two of those and it took me an hour just to write this post!), and all the proceeds from her art go toward their next adoption.

Thank you, Holly! I'm truly smitten.


Judy said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful talent and a very worthy cause. Warm hands, warm heart!

HollyMarie said...

Awwww, you're so sweet! Thanks Lori!!!