Sunday, August 22, 2010

Head above water

And house too. Water's receded, damage minimal. Spence spent Thurs-Sun working on the farm, repairing the tractor and lawn mower that both took a swim. He set up some de-humidifiers in the crawl space and fixed the water system. He repaired fences and did a million chores that are so much easier when wife and kids are out of sight. Sandbox and compost bin are still missing.

The kids and I hung in Nashville and had a lovely time living the city life. We did a little visiting, playing, eating, thrift shopping and churching. Then I just took the kids back to Cookeville tonight for an exchange with Spence (C has school tomorrow) and turned around and came back to Nashville for another 4 days. Walking back into my toy-strewn house made me very sad.

I'm eager to get back home.

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Shadley said...

oh i bet you miss your kiddos! so glad you guys had minimal damage, sorry about sandbox and compost bin :( glad you are all safe!