Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Caroline's first day

She's officially a Dodson Branch Elementary Wildcat in the pre-K class. She was incredibly proud of her princess backpack, courtesy of Nana, and promptly told her teacher she was going to be a princess.

She didn't even mind posing in front of her school's sign, courtesy of Lowe's.

This is her teacher, Ms. Faith. Caroline had a time with her name: "Thayth?"

She had a good first day, but was the only one in her class to actually sleep during nap time. We really like her teacher and I'm so excited Caroline will be making friends and learning new things.


Judy said...

Thanks Mom for sharing photos of Caroline's special day.She already is a princess in our eyes. Oh the things she will learn and the places she will go! Today is just the beginning. Nana

Lori said...

She looks so cute! Kaden starts school next week and I almost cry just thinking about it.

Norma said...

I'm glad you documented that most important first day of school. She is so eager to learn new things. Recently, she told me what she used to do "when she was a child". Go Caroline!!