Friday, August 20, 2010

Flood #2 - now with commentary

When I first saw these pictures this morning, I didn't have any words. Now, I guess the word is thankful. That it didn't get into the house or ruin the AC units or kill our water system under the house or hurt our horses. It sure wouldn't have taken much more to do so. The other word is goodbye - to our garden, compost bin and kids' sandbox, although Spence says good riddance to the latter.

The kids and I are staying in Nashville while Spence cleans it all up and rebuilds the fences...again. The third time in 2 years. Let me add we're by the river but not technically in a flood plain.

There are three stairs here:


HollyMarie said...

Oh yikes! Sorry you're dealing with yet another flood.. hope the water recedes soon and you can see what needs to be done.

P.S. what do you do during a flood??? Do you go to the Nasheville house? Do you just sit tight?

los cazadores said...

W-O-W. So sorry this has put you guys out. I am thankful too that it didn't get into your house or harm your horses. What upheavel. Hope it won't be long until it recedes and you guys can go home from Nashville.

Looking forward to seeing you in Nov!


blessedmomto8 said...

OH MY! Water causes so much damage! YUCKY! SO SORRY!

Evelyn said...


This is devastating! So glad you are all well and that it was not as bad as it could be. Oh, how vulnerable we are! Hope all is back to normal soon.

Thinking of you,


Eastiopians said...

Oh no! And thank God it didn't get into the, that was a close call Lori. Spence is a good man for rebuilding a fence again and then again. Wow. And so glad the animals are okay. Hugs to you guys!


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