Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowbound...kind of

Dawit got his first taste of snow, and he ate it up. Literally - when he did a downhill face plant. I would have snapped a pic of that if I'd had my camera handy. He shook it off like a boy.

This is Delilah requesting her breakfast. She stares in the kitchen window until one of us feel guilty enough to go out and give her hay.

This is a view of Roaring River valley. Spence has been blazing a trail loop from our house to this pinnacle view. It's a gorgeous 1-1/2 hour hike - y'all should come out and do it with us.

Deer prints?

Bigfoot? Abominable snowman?

I paddled the river above our house yesterday. Caroline got a pre-float ride on the street.

I took some pics of my float, but 4 words is worth 1,000 pictures: COLD FEET, TOO LONG!


Evelyn said...

You live in a wonderland. So beautiful!

HMK said...

What beautiful pictures! :) How fun to play in even just a bit of snow.

Norma said...

Typical grandmother's response----I love these pictures. Oh and the scenery is nice, too. The trail sounds like the perfect hike.

Eastiopians said...

Absolutely breathtaking!!

Evelyn said...

That is some great advice you just left on my blog. Must remember that... surrender!

The LaHuis Family said...

I Love all the pictures!