Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh, his beautiful curls!

We did it! His first haircut. I couldn't be there, but I sent strict instructions to leave as much of his curls intact as possible. It turned out to be a perfect little shape-up. There was no one there to take pics, so Spence had to do a bunch of self-portraits.
Next week: Caroline. She's a little ragamuffin who can barely see through her bangs.


Beth said...

He looks adorable sporting his new hairdo. :) Love it!

Eastiopians said...

Love the pics....and he is ADORABLE. :)

los cazadores said...

Thanks for comment about Dawit's hair, it's always so interesting to find out what other folks are doing.

We have been talking so much now about getting Olly Ash's hair trimmed, but we keep vacillating on the idea and never settling. Dawit is extreme handsomeness either with or without the curls.

Oh I just can't decide! I love Olls' curls...